Doula Services

Doula Services

The certification that we chose to take after many, many trainings and learnings was the Holistic Doula certification with the very long standing Matrona; this translates to a deep, true trust of birthing people, the body, physiology and the process of life1bringing itself.


We believe in utilizing our time together to create strong foundations and deep understanding of what you require not just before birth, but over an extended amount of time after birth. We visit with you, we converse, we ask questions, we LISTEN. Witnessing your fears, anxieties, hopes, dreams, fine tuning with you what your true desires are. Helping you to harness the energy of your birth partner and sync it harmoniously with your own so that you create for yourself a birth space within a bubble of safety.

Seed Holistic Birth aims to offer a holistic approach to serving our clients and their families. To us, this means considering the broader picture of the pregnancy and birthing experience, with a desire to bring all aspects (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) into harmony. Through modalities such as Reiki and hypnotherapy, herbal bundles, Mother Blessings, sealing ceremonies, and collaboration with postpartum experts, we are able to together create a complete system of support from early pregnancy throughout the postpartum time.

Your pre-birth gatherings with us may include discussions around: ~ trauma release ~ holistic nutrition and herbal assistance ~ relaxation and meditative techniques ~relationships ~your birth space and birth partners ~ connection to yourself, your closest people and your baby ~use of physical supportive tools during pregnancy and birth~ physical aspects of pregnancy and birth ~ how to reach altered states of consciousness in birth ~ how to create a postpartum plan including babywearing and creating community.

We believe strongly that every birth is unique. There is no “one size fits all” way for us to serve families as their doula. However, there are some basics that are common amongst most of our doula/client relationships. They look like this

  • 2-3 prenatal visits (We feel that the emphasis here is building a relationship, for you and your partner to feel relaxed and at ease with us so that we can get to the work of gathering appropriate information for your unique birth)
  • on-call for you for 2 weeks prior to and 2 weeks after your Estimated Due Date, 24 hours a day
  • Consistent support via email and telephone contact
  • Access to large lending library of pregnancy, birth and post-partum related books, videos and supplies
  • Constant physical, emotional and verbal support during labour and birth
  • Following birth, your doula will remain with you to support you for the ‘golden’ 1-2 hours
  • Daily phone/email/text check in for the first 7 days.
  • 3 In-home postpartum visit at 3 weeks, 6 weeks and 3 months after birth includinf babywearing help.
  • We have collaborated with our favorite Lactation Educator/Postpartum Doula, Jennifer Hammer of Sacred Nest Perinatal Support Sevices, as we believe very strongly that it is imperative that women and families have the necessary immediate support that they need from compassionate people who are skilled and loving during the postpartum period. You will meet with Jennifer during our final prenatal meeting to discuss any concerns or address questions around postpartum and she will attend you during day 1, for a two hour bespoke session, designed to assist with feeding baby and anything else that arises.

Recognizing that a woman in various stages of her childbearing years will require different things from her support people, we have outlined our offerings to reflect this. Under the titles of Maiden, Mother and Matriarch, they are detailed and priced as follows:

Maiden: $1380

  • Designed to serve the first time mother

Mother $1150

  • Designed to serve a woman who has previously been with us as a client

Matriarch: $1200

  • Designed to serve a woman who has previously experienced pregnancy, and childbirth.


We also feel it is of utmost importance to create a thorough postpartum plan with each client. This is an often neglected aspect of a the birthing experience, and we are aware just how impactful it is for a family to feel properly supported in the delicate postpartum weeks. Please see our Postpartum services page for more details


**5% off all packages when you attend Sacred Pregnancy Classes or Retreats. **


You May add this to any of the base packages at any time.

This includes:

3 Reiki healing sessions

A Postpartum sealing Ceremony with Bengkung bellybind

Postpartum healing herbal bundle consisting of a nourishing herbal tea, a soothing herbal sitz bath for after birth perineal healing and your choice of a supportive tincture.



One of the things that I hear very frequently from pregnant women is ‘I wished you lived closer.’

The reality is that I am a professional Birth Consultant who has a lot to offer but only one base and a family and business to boot; I want to serve as best I can, to as maybe as I can, in comfort and at a pace that is excellent for us all.

I can only directly serve the families who live in my physical vicinity. This is not to say that I can’t bring my wisdom, listening, teachings and offerings to you in an intimate manners, from where I sit, as you sit wherever you may be.

Remote Consultations involve Skype-held education & conversations so that we may meet, wherever you are in the world and get very clear on what you want, how you can achieve that experience and have a safe place for you to voice your fears, loves, thoughts and all of the questions that you want to about your pregnancy, birth and Postpartum.

You can choose from monthly, hourly check ins to go over everything and all that you need to address or you can opt to receive the regular prenatal and postpartum meeting program of three, two hour prenatal get-togethers with the option of adding three Postpartum meetings to work through your fourth trimester up until 3 months after birth.

This is a tailor-made, bespoke method of gleaning everything that is poignant and relevant to YOU, from the haven of your home, at times which suit your schedule and mine. It may beautifully replace or compliment any other childbirth education that you choose to utilize and get you crystal clear and focused on creating a solid foundation for your autonomous, powerful, empowered journey to parenthood. We can also arrange for the consultations to coincide with meetings with your midwife or anybody within your birth team, if you wish to create that.

Hour-long Skype calls to focus on everything including herbal and alternative healing support, discussion around the hormones involved in birthing a baby, what disturbs birth and how to achieve a physiological undisturbed birthing experience, the language of birth, the Holistic stages of birth, the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the fourth trimester, Babywearing advice, Postpartum planning and more. Educational, practical and helpful video and article links will be sent to you, for your perusal.



You can choose the number of sessions that you would prefer to have and add more as you go, if you wish. These will be consultations in which we discuss alternative healing therapies and practices for the entire family, Postpartum bodily care, breastfeeding pointers , suggestions of how to utilize local resources, the Postpartum psyche, baby’s milestones and how to navigate them, the true nature of the postpartum period and more. It will be entirely led by what ivy needs at the time.
1 hour sessions.
$80 CAD per hour session.

You can pay before each session for ease and financial grace and funds can be sent through PayPal for security and automatic currency exchange.

I would love to journey through your experience with you and offer myself as a witness and support person no matter where you call home.



Sealing ceremonies & bengking belly binding: (see postpartum services)


Payment for the doula PACKAHE is taken in two instalments; 50% is needed to reserve your place in our calendar so that we can close that vacancy.

The final 50% is to be paid by the beginning of week 38 of pregnancy.

 Payment plans also available and welcome.