My name is Jennifae

 My Name is Jennifae….




Was I fascinated with birth? Was I “called” to be a doula? Was this my career of choice? In short, yes. It is more so a part of a deep seated knowing that healing comes when we gather in community around one another. *Sitting with women* (All birthing people)  or being present in the majesty of conception and pregnancy, while holding space for transformation, is powerful and primal. What was once an instinctive piece of a *village* mindset, is now something we must find our way back to. The Togetherness. Gathering in support, in celebration, and in ceremony. Rallying around one another.

Quite honestly, I didn’t seek the role of the doula, I went in search of connection, community, information, resources, and mentorship for myself and others.  As it turned out, what I was looking for, was also seeking me.

My role as a doula began sitting with my own sister as she labored with my nephew. What an honor it was for me at the age of 15 to have been invited into such an intimate space. I learned so much, but what surprised me was how much I already instinctively knew. When I found myself pregnant at the tender age of 17, fear did not find me initially. Love, and an overwhelming respect for the gift that I had been offered took hold. I gave birth a week before my 18th birthday. A placental abruption made me a mother after only 25 weeks gestation. A child weighing 1.4 pounds ushered into my heart with fierce passion. Motherhood was instantly a very intense and sobering reality. I clung to what faith I had and somehow, in the quiet, I (and everyone around me) knew this little light was strong. Family, friends, and strong women surrounded us. It was the Togetherness that made it possible to sustain the efforts necessary to care for a baby in the NICU for 87 days…when I was barely 18 years old. No one could do it for me. They all became a soft container of love and energy into which I could fall, and be gently lifted, and nudged onwards. That baby is 16 now, healthy and vivacious and has shaped me in incredible ways.

The Togetherness. Therein lies a passion. Forging Community. Standing as one piece of a whole, with my unique experiences, connection to the Divine, and a heart open, ready to serve.

Today I serve as a mother to 5 children, a Certified Holistic Doula, a Hypnotherapist, a Sacred Pregnancy Instructor, and a presence of love and healing in community circles and ceremonies. I have had birthing experiences that range from the highly medicalized, to the gentle, physiological, pool in the dining room. All were empowering. All have shaped me, and the way I show up in the world for myself and for my clients.


DONA doula training (2011)

Advanced Hypnosis training with Advanced Hypnosis Calgary (2014)

Sacred Pregnancy Instructor training (2014)

Advanced Doula Workshop with Gina Kirby, Whapio Bartlett, and Lesley Everest (2016)

Matrona Advanced Holistic Doula Certification (2017)

I look very much forward to what comes next!

Wanna chat? Id love to have tea.


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