My Name is Sian

sian head shot

It was a cool winters day…..

in the middle of England when I first felt exhilaration around the unborn child.

My auntie, swollen with third trimester belly, lay beside me and my ten year old self lazed with my head upon her stomach.
I perceived her as a goddess, drenched in beauty and ripe with womanhood. I thought it impossible to believe her to be any more lovely than she was until my head was physically moved by the force of a tiny limb inside of her.

The knowledge that a thin stretch of skin separated my physical body from an unknown world within my Auntie. Awe…pure awe.

With the years of experience in pregnancy and the birth journey that I have gathered through the beautiful water births of my own 4 daughters, the many births I have witnessed and the wisdom inherited from perpetual self-study and deeply rich trainings and gatherings with Midwives, the best Doulas and Doctors, I have found a container for this sense of awe.

I have refined it all.

The  knowledge and time in this work that I have gathered so far has enabled me to establish my sense of self, where I stand in the birth world and who and what I stand for: the answer is that I am fully in. I am full-spectrum. I am with the woman in any way that she births and I am with those who she chooses to have sit within her concentric circles. I am creating community.

I am admittedly the slightly eccentric reiki-master redhead with a dry English sense of humour who can bring lightness to an atmosphere in one breath and  I am also the doula who finds space to hold the heavy aspects of life and death in the next. I am gladly a chameleon; being able to adjust to ones environment is a very necessary trait of the birth-worker, for it is not at all about us and everything about those who we serve.

I am with the women who birth at home, who birth breech, who birth twins, who birth as surrogates, who birth vaginally, who birth surgically, who birth vaginally after caesarean, who birth through miscarriage or loss, who birth wildly and freely, who do not even yet know how they want to birth but who know unequivocally that they want loving support.

I support you.

I support The Village mentality and I will find a way to cultivate that for as many parents as possible.

More than anything I honor the call to SHARE the wisdom that I have gleaned from the likes of Whapio and the midwives who have taught me, and to be open, always, to learning and to leaving my heart and ego open in this birth-work so that I can serve  in a true and devoted light.

I HOPE WE MEET SOON! Head to our contact form to arrange a date with Jennifae and I for tea and conversation.