Permission to be me.

I want to put this to you, reader: You are here because you have a calling to walk the Wild Path too, and though you might think you are merely supporting an acquaintance or doing the right thing or following a share post that somebody has wafted in front of your eyes, I am as sure as anything that something here or at least something that will follow on from this blog will lead you to walking a renewed path .It has been a while since I wrote to you all and for one reason only; I mistakenly felt as though, for this to be linked on a Birth Doula’s website, it must be about Birth.


As a birth worker ( a term that does not sit well with all but which describes me so comfortably) my focus lies with all and everything that encompasses the whole, soulful, sometimes dark yet forever illuminating path from Maiden to motherhood. My ramblings do not have to only foretell facts of how the miraculous body opens itself; my work is to ease the transition to this culminative state.

It is about nourishing the Spirit of those who come to me for assistance, not puking up this statistic and barking that policy about this type of birth and that City hospital. It is about nudging you…massaging your memories that are so deeply rooted inside of you, the ones that were placed there by your ancestors, reminding you of all that you already know. You know what I mean; think. You are aware of those times when the decision that you have made has been impulsive and natural.

Yes, take that crazy job

No, do not trust that person.

Indeed, take that risk, sell your car, make that voyage. THAT. That  is the stirring of innate wisdom that we are trying to relinquish.

And as a Birth Worker, the server of those who are seeking to open and flourish and birth from a place of trust, from being buttery soft and yielding to what their primal self recognises as safe, I am here to bring tools that every aspect of myself, not just Doula training, can offer. For this is MY duty. I have to yield to it too.

I am going to be writing so much more now that I have also given myself permission to be all that I am. Not just a mama of 3, not just a birth doula who helps you understand the cases for and against infant vitamin k shots, practice meditation and rebozo techniques, not just a Sacred PregnancyInstructor who loves you on a Sisterly level and encourages you to connect so deeply with all around you, not just a reiki practitioner who somehow senses the imbalance of your energy centres and directs love to those sources….I am a wild woman, a wild crafter, a herbalist, a gut reactor to true and natural nourishment of food, to the very core.  A Crone’s mind who recognises her playful Maiden nature within her Motherly shell. I have so much to offer;  to be a teller of tales, an open heart, a woman making mistakes, anecdotes to daily spill, bumps in her own path and large, lovely lessons that will benefit us all…for we all like to know that we are not alone in our passions and precautions, issues and errors.

I learn more. Every. Single. Day. I do not always go looking for the knowledge but it finds me and I am ready to spill my beans with you all. Let you know how I figure out my right from my wrongs, what serves me and what doesn’t, the books I have devoured and quotes that have piqued me, the herbs that I am growing and all that I harvest. The wisdom that I take from each woman who births before my eyes.

This will not always be a concise ride but bear with me for you are here and I am thrilled. You are embracing your Wild side too.

Tomorrow, we begin.