Birth happens best when women feel safe.

Women feel safest in their own power, and with the people that they have chosen to stand with them, honouring their space and creating the container.
As doulas we simply hold that space for transformation to unfold.

That’s it.

But, it is necessary work.

We honor the sacred relationship between the women, her baby, and her partner. This trinity has an intelligence all its own. We seek only to serve and nurture this divine balance and to encourage the mentality of The Village, that long lost art of a woman receiving the close and loving care from pregnancy all the way through the postpartum years.

Seed Holistic Birth understands that the transformation of a woman is not complete upon the emergence of their child from utero and neither does it begin there. We seek to offer support and nurturance on a deeper level from the moment we meet continuing through the steps towards and along the winding road motherhood.