The Peaceful Postpartum Portal.

Postpartum Assistance:

Seed Holistic Birth have an intense recognition and respect for that which follows birth; vulnerable, delicate and questioning, families often crave support which they do not know exists or how to find.

In an effort to provide continuum of care and to encourage the formation of a solid mama-baby foundation with which to build on for life, we have collaborated with Jennifer Hammer who will attend you as our chosen postpartum support specialist immediately and who can continue to help you to craft your ‘best nest.’

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Bloom Of The Baby Nest; A Creation Of Complete Postpartum Care, $950

In our culture, the Village mentality of taking good and well-rounded care of our women who are birthing the children is leaning towards non-existent. Mother’s and families are craving help and care but either do not know where to turn or else believe that they are not worthy. This is why we decided to collaborate with Jennifer Hammer of Sacred Nest, a Lactation Educator &  Postpartum Doula; she brings compassionate, educated, full-spectrum support to a time that is so often neglected. We feel strongly that when women feel heard and held through post-birth times, they set off on the best start possible in their lives as Mothers. We cannot do it for you but we can walk with you and be the practical and personal help that you seek in that vulnerable period of life.

Each week,  Jennifer brings along a special, bespoke gift centred around self-care,  that she feels will best assist you in the week between sessions.


WEEK 1- Birth Story listening/Review, Feeding Baby & Newborn Care

WEEK 2- The Art of Baby Wearing; demonstrations, discussion  &  Lesson

WEEK 3- Focus on the Family- centred postpartum

WEEK 4- Postpartum Planning: moving forwards.

WEEK 5- Check-in with family, review of needs, 4-week meal plan based on healing, delicious and efficient postpartum foods, including a shopping list for all ingredients needed.

This is a comprehensive, thorough continuum of care that tends to a gap that so desperately calls to be filled.

Check out more about Jennifer by visiting her site you can also find her bio here


Sealing ceremonies & traditional bengkung belly binding, With Sian & Jennifae:  $180-280

After a woman birth’s she is open and raw; she is in need of a cleanse and a choice of ways to mark her transition from maiden to Mother. In different parts of the world, women are cleansed and bathed after major rites of passages including getting married and having a child.

With Sian as a Certified Mother Roaster, and the both of us trained in the art of Sealing Ceremonies and Benkung Belly Binding, we hold space and assist in:

HONOURING: the Rite of passage to Motherhood MUST be MARKED and honoured and valued. Women must feel valued for their accomplishments. They need a ceremony to mark this transition. The ceremonial bathing should wait for about 1-2 weeks post birth, depending on what, if any, procedures the mother had during birth. The Malaysians and some other cultures wait until the 44th day after birth which ceremoniously ends the postpartum period with a floral bath made of seven varieties of scented flowers, seven citrus limes and rose water. This symbolizes the washing away of blood, the cleansing of spirit and body and the rose is attributed to femininity, achievement, completion and perfection.

There are a selection of other baths to choose from, also.

WARMING: it is important for women immediately postpartum to be warmed. The act of birthing a baby is a cooling for the body and requires heating to restore balance. Handcrafted warming oils are used during the Sealing Ceremony as are nourishing postpartum teas and belly pastes.

SEALING: the entire pregnancy and birthing process is about “opening”, spiritually, mentally and physically, but once the baby is born, the body requires “sealing” or closing that which has been opened and is raw and vulnerable. This is critical for proper holistic postpartum healing.

BINDING: Belly Binding is a process to which a woman’s belly is bound tightly right after giving birth. This act should be done ceremoniously and with pure intention to honour the woman. This tradition of belly binding serves many functions, but fore-mostly aids in warming and closing the body post-birth. A belly firming paste, handmade using all natural ingredients, is used to stimulate blood flow to tge area resulting in firming, toning and strengthening of the internal stomach muscles as well as the loose abdominal skin. During the belly binding, steady, pressured support on the hips allows thebody to “close” more easily than if it is just left in its expanded state and helps to heal the body following the musco-skeletal changes stimulated by pregnancy hormones and the expansion of the uterus.

At your Sealing Ceremony, we will teach you how to bind your own belly, using the handmade bengkung belly bind that you have the option to purchase so that you can continue to reap the benefits for the suggested 40 days.

There are also various options for healing herbal remedies from teas to tinctures, bath sitz’ to bum butters that you are able to choose from within your Sacred Postpartum package to further assist you during this time of transition.